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Educational Program Details

Each academic year consists of two 14-weeks semesters, three examination sessions, and three holidays.

The average number of class hours (lectures and applications) per week is 28.

Facilities for Students

• Studies are free of charge, unless you registered for seats with academic fees

• Qualification Certificate for computer usage

• Scholarships for qualified students (upper grades and GPA)

• Scholarships from Professional Groups and Industrial Companies

• Social Scholarships for students in need of financial aid

• Exchange Programs with foreign universities (Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United States)

• Free summer camps offered through Ministry of Education and Research (for qualified students)

• Accommodation in Mechanical Engineering Student Halls (T10, T15)

• Technical Library within Mechanical Engineering Faculty building


Each year, these requirements may change. Therefore, please contact our main office for the latest information.

Tel: +40 232 232337

E-mail: decanat@mail.tuiasi.ro

Specific information for foreign applicants

• Foreign students may enroll in the undergraduate program and register for courses without passing an admission examination.

• Candidates for graduate programs are required to pass an examination (Preliminary Exam) in order to demonstrate the necessary knowledge level in the field of study.

• Foreign students studying in Romanian, begin studies with an year-long preparatory course in Romanian language, along with some specific training for future education.

• After completion of the preparatory year, students will have to pass an examination which confers a Certificate of Graduation of the Preparatory Year.

• Applicants from countries with official language the same as the language of study in Romania, and which have taken courses in the same language, are exempted from the test.

• Applicants who studied in their country for at least 4 years in Romanian language, are exempt from the language test and the preparatory year. Also, applicants fluent in Romanian and able to pass the language test without the preparatory year, may do so.

• Free summer camps offered through Ministry of Education and Research (for qualified students)

• Foreign applicants should send the file directly to the educational institution, but they are accepted to study in Romania based on approval from Ministry of Education and Research.

• List of documents required for the application file: application (registration) form; Proof of level of studies completed (High School Diploma, License Diploma); School transcripts for the completed years of studies (for transfer students); Proof of medical insurance. These documents have to be presented in original, accompanied by certified translations into an international language (English, French or German) and validated as authentic by the Romanian Embassy and the Ministry of Education from your country.

• The fees are paid in advance for the entire academic year. Accommodation, if provided by the university, will incur extra charges.

• Fees are not refundable if the student abandons the program, or if submitted documents are not appropriate. Fees are subject to change without notice.

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